Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend happenings

On Friday, Aidan, Alayna & I went to IDC for a performance by the Tasty Pear Percussion Group. Of course, I forgot my camera sorry no pictures. Miss Erin's husband (Alayna's music therapist) was one of the performers. They played several different types of percussion instruments and explained to the kids all about each one. Aidan loved the marimba and steel drum and got to play around with the instruments afterwards. Alayna was loving the beat and even though it was during nap time they were way too entertaining to sleep, she clapped right along. On the last song they handed out shakers and sandpaper blocks for all the kids to join in. The gym was rocking with all the beat going on in that place.

Today we went to the DSG for another new parent breakfast (& Grandma and Pop Pop attended the grandparent breakfast). It is always nice to catch up with folks we have met in the past 7 months and meet new ones. I got dibs on our sweet friend, LC. It is so fun to see she & Alayna together. They are two, super cute girls!

The executive director said that in the past 9 weeks there have been 19 babies born in the KC area that have down syndrome (Two families were there with their 3 week old babies). Praise God for these blessings (some parents shared their stories of doctors asking them to terminate their pregnancy after learning of their diagnosis).

We are SO thankful for this Guild, they not only support Alayna and our family but also the medical community and legislative bodies with accurate and appropriate information on down syndrome. These children, like all children are a gift from God. If you have met Alayna or any of our friends that share an extra 21st chromosome you know what I am talking about.

Tonight we are all going to root on Jason as his soccer team has its playoff game for the season. Alayna hasn't been to a game yet as they have all fallen after bedtime or the weather was too cool. But, it is a sunny day and his game is early so we will slather on the sunscreen and cheer him on. Hopefully his girl can bring him a little luck (they didn't have such a winning season this year.) Even if they don't win I bet the little princess will have a BIG smile for daddy (boy that melts his heart every time she gives it to him) then he won't care if he won or not!

A few pics from the winning game...Alayna and Aidan cheered daddy on to a 4-0 victory (Daddy scored one of those goals! YEAH!!!)

Jason is #8 on the red team. Here he is going to goal!

Getting a little break time in with his biggest fan. Oh how Alayna adores her daddy.

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ch said...

LC loved her snuggle time this morning at the DSG Breakfast, obviously. Good thing Grandma was there to distract Alayna from noticing LC in your company...I'm guessing Alayna was ready to draw the line anyway after LC's multiple toy-swipes at baby class...If she decides to put those 15 pounds to good use, we're toast.

Yahoo! What a great day for a win! I'd be surprised if the team lets those good luck charms stay home anymore, though...Better get some comfy lawn chairs for next season, Aidan and Alayna...