Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: On the downhill slide

Today is the 6th day of our 10 day wait (but, who is counting) we are excited that we can see the finish line start to appear in the distance.   We might be on mile 15 of the marathon but we will get there soon.  Gotcha day could be end of next week!  It seems like we have been here a long time but, then again it doesn't. 

The sun finally decided to come out today.  Still way to muddy and too many puddles to take Dariya outside.  Hoping it dries up by this afternoon and we can at least stroll her around and get her some vitamin D!

We played in the sports room again and are truly enjoying our time bonding with her. 

Thankful this Thursday for my parents who are taking care of Aidan and Alayna otherwise this trip would not have been possible.  Also, thankful to Courtney Heigele for gathering diapers and raising funds so we can donate to the orphanage.  A huge thanks to Wayne and Jennifer Johnson who are traveling back to this country July 3rd and are bringing the diaper mother load with them on the plane!  The bums of this baby house thank you so much.

She loves flying way up high and signs "more" over and over

I think this is my new favorite pic of her

Can you just put that camera down and give me some more snuggle time?

I told you I meant business, I want my 20 minutes of snuggle and you put me down 30 seconds early!

Will leave you with a little video that is one of our favorites:  Up until this week she hasn't had much interest in the books that we brought with us.  But, today she sat and read them with us, turned the pages (she didn't know how to do that 2 weeks ago) and then took this flip book and started reading all by herself.  Oh this mama's heart was SO happy (you know it's the teacher in me).


Ingrid said...

Oh how super precious!! I love it!!!

Renee said...

I think every picture of her is my new favorite picture! She is super photogenic and super cute to boot. Glad for the sunshine and for the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's hard being away, sweet friend, I know your momma heart is hurting for your other little ones...what a glorious day it will be when all of you are together.

ch said...

love that girl in her sweet dariya joelle dress. can't wait to see you all, soon! last night aidan was absolutely delighting in lc's orneriness as she rushed the music stage during VBS closing...something tells me he's going to have LOTS more of that kind of excitement to enjoy before he knows it. xoxox

Erin said...

Oh she is so sweet! So exciting that it's getting closer and closer!

Katrina said...

So sweet. I love that she was so excited about the book. She is going to have so much fun exploring her new world.

Jill said...

She's just way too cute! Hang in are almost there! Hoping I get to see you at the end of journeys in country! :-)

Heather said...

And this mama's heart rejoices each time I come and see you girl and hear about the snuggles and well,I just can't wait for you guys to get home.
Prayers continue for you all.

Patti said...

Oh, that sad face makes me want to cry! I think I've watched the video of you tickling her and making her laugh about a hundred times:) I just love her little giggle!!