Monday, February 6, 2012

Fabulous fun with daddy

Warning Disclosure:  
Do not attempt these tricks at home,  
the following are not actors but stunt professionals, 
no toddlers or husbands were hurt in any of the following antics.  

However, much laughter, fun and silliness was caused....

Daddy and his high flying girls!

I am sure there is an opening at the circus where my family would fit in perfectly ;)

We know how to have some fun don't we?

Say Uncle Dariya, say uncle!


Stephanie said...

well you know our circus is always ready to welcome new nuts! They would fit right in!! :)

Becca said...

Hehehehe - love the disclaimer!!!

Runningmama said...

Love it! I love seeing those two girls together and thinking of how blessed they both are to have each other!

Lacey said...

Daddy's are the best! Arina loves to be thrown, although I'm not sure if she would like to be hung from her ankles. We'll have to give that one a try!