Friday, February 17, 2012

Funny footwear fiasco

Monday morning Aidan had an 8am orthodontist appointment (his teeth are looking fantastic by the way).

I got Alayna all ready for school besides her socks and shoes which left Jason to get Dariya ready and put Alayna's footwear on and put the girls on the bus.

Notice anything out of place?

Could it be Alayna's shoe that she conveniently took off and placed in the doll house?

Unfortunately, daddy didn't notice and put her on the bus with one shoe.    This on the ONLY day we have had snow here this year.

No worries Alayna was happy as a clam to take off her other shoe and sure steps and walk around school in her socks.

Daddy was embarrassed but Alayna thought it was hilarious.  She told me right where that shoe was when she arrived home.

Best part was when we arrived at parent teacher conferences Wednesday night the team had set the table up with a doll with only one shoe on in Jason's seat, they just happened to have the exact same doll house so  they put the other shoe in the exact same place you see Alayna's in the picture above.  I was laughing so hard.  We love our early childhood team, they are not only fantastic with our girls they are a hoot besides.

On a totally unrelated, not funny note (yes, I am that kind of lazy blogger to lump these into one post) Today was Dariya's 3 month follow up with the ENT. After her tubes were placed in November her hearing in her right ear was within the normal range however, her left ear was not registering. She wasn't very cooperative so we waited a few months to retest hoping that we would have positive results (both in her attitude and her hearing).

Unfortunately, her tolerance for hearing testing was a tad better than in November but, not great.  Her right ear again is hearing well while her left ear still is getting the same lack of results. We are now scheduled for a consultation and further evaluation with an audiologist to access her hearing loss, if any in the left ear.

Thankfully they had a cancellation for Monday. As the kids are all out of school anyway this was perfect. Praying that they get a good test completed, that she is cooperative and that she is hearing fine in the left ear.

We would love your prayers on this for her.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Becca said...

Hilarious about the shoe!! Little sneak... :-) Hopeful that the next hearing test goes well...

Heather said...

The shoe story .... totally hilarious. Everyone need story like that. One that makes us feel like the worst parent everyone else finds the humor in it,thank goodness.

Prayers for Dariya. That the test yields answers one way or another. Prayerfully that her hearing is just fine. I am so amazed in how they test these kids. Zoey had a hearing test at school.One I was certain she would not cooperate for and was unsure how they even tested. Her aide said even she was amazed. They spoke to Zoey, asking her all her body parts, in each ear and she answered all of them correctly. One, I am happy she passed, two, thrilled that she showed everyone just how smart she is. Because often I think people see her delays far beyond other children with an extra chromosome and they need to see that she 'gets it", she really, really gets it!

Stephanie said...

Oh that's too funny!!!!

Prayers for those little ears!!!

Elisabeth said...

Now that's a memory you'll be laughing about for years!

I'm praying that Dariya will cooperate during this next hearing test!

Jill said...

That is way too funny what the EC team did to Jason! Love it!

I'm praying about Monday!