Thursday, February 23, 2012

Priceless Pottery

When Aidan was born I took him to a local pottery place to have a plate made with his footprints.  When Alayna was born we did the same thing and made another larger plate with both their prints on it for them to use on their birthdays.

As Dariya's birthday came a couple weeks ago, Aidan was very concerned that Dariya wasn't on the "birthday plate" and how was she going to eat her cake and ice cream?  

In all our "bringing our girl home celebration" I hadn't given one thought to this special momento that I had done for each of her siblings but, had unintentionally forgotten to do for Dariya.

I was very thankful Aidan brought it to my attention.   

Then my dilemma was HOW do we go to the pottery place and paint Dariya's feet?  Dariya does NOT like anyone unfamiliar touching her feet, check out our shoe fiasco if you don't believe me.  We envisioned a bull in a china shop.

I truly was in a quandry about how to accomplish our plate making until I looked up and saw the beautiful plate my friend, Nancy made for me that hangs in my kitchen with one of my favorite scriptures on it.  I contacted her and she told me how she had done it and that she even had left over paints that we could borrow (she forgot to mention how much work it is and is to kind too tell me that my artwork would never stand up next to hers;). 

Nonetheless, over the weekend Jason went to Walmart and bought a large plate and a platter.  We chose paints and experimented with Aidan first so we wouldn't have to traumatize the girls too much.  Thankfully all went well.
Alayna loved it and at first Dariya wasn't too thrilled with the painting her feet but, she relaxed after a couple seconds and let us do it with ease.  (sorry it was all hands on deck so no pictures of the actual feet painting)

I am not sure my kids will love these plates when they get older but, I thought they turned out well and as a mom I love to see their little piggies up on my wall and will cherish them always.

They are priceless pottery to me...


Molly said...

Love it! my mom has the plates we painted when we were little and we still love them!

Sarah Marie said...

They look awesome! Great job.. And what a great memory.

Julie said...

What a wonderful idea! Something to enjoy for years! I may have to use that idea :).

Jill said...

Beautiful! What a great idea! :-)

Elisabeth said...

I love your ingenuity in finding a way to make a plate for Dariya! And they turned out beautifully too! Those plates (both the making and the using of them) will bring many special memories for your kids!