Thursday, February 2, 2012

Enjoying the weather

The weather here has been in the 60's, crazy warm for this time of the year.  We put on our jackets and headed out to the backyard to do therapy  play  get totally worn out so everyone was sure to take a nap!

Our backyard has a terrible slope towards our house but, I choose to make lemonade out of lemons =)

It is a great PT workout for the girls.  

They have to work on balance, strengthening and endurance.  When Alayna was younger she couldn't make it up and down this small hill on her own.  It is always fun to see how far they have developed.

Dariya LOVES to run up and down the hill.  Alayna isn't as keen on it so I throw in some play like ball chasing, running and coloring on the fence and Alayna joins right in to participate.   Our dog, Ellie even helps out with the girls throwing her tennis ball for her.

While distracted with playing I can get Alayna to balance, squat and pick up a ball and throw it to me, strengthening her core muscles and her legs even more.

Vertical coloring on the fence is great for shoulder strengthening which will improve the girls writing.  It is also way more interesting than doing a worksheet sitting at our kitchen table.  

I threw in the shapes for them to color which is a fun way to review their shapes.  

Alayna is starting to get the leg pumping action on the big girl swings!  

Can't wait for spring if this is winter!  

Happy playing and happy napping ;)!


Molly said...

This weather has been making me so happy! I wish we were closer so we could enjoy it together!

Heather said...

The second blog ihave stopped by this morning and found little loves just blossoming and growing. Our little flower has been a little slower onthoe bloom but she remains slow and steady!

I just left a message on Stephanies blog saying I am beyond smitten with a little guy on RR. That darn Cammie has ignited me once again ... too bad I am not as young as you all ... or I would go get him in a secon. Although, his region says up to 60. Barely making the cut off!!!! Or at least I feel like it on some days!

Look at Nico, 0-2 ... bestill my heart!

Heather said...

sorry for the typos!!! IPads are tricky!

MJStump said...

Chalk on the fence...what a great idea! I love outdoor play...usually makes for good napping days :)

Lacey said...

coloring on the fence is such a great idea! Although I guess it doesn't work well on a vinyl fence! Oops!

To Love Endlessly said...

Look at you multi-tasking...teaching...err wearing the kiddos out for naptime :-) Isn't this warm weather absolutely gorgeous?!?

EN said...

Love your strategy! Wear 'em out so they take nice, long naps. A little peace and solitude goes a long way for us moms :-)