Saturday, February 25, 2012

Story time success

Alayna is singing and dancing right along 
This week the girls and I ventured out to take in their first story time at one of our fabulous local libraries.  Before we went we talked about what we would be doing at the library.  We have gone several times to play and check out books so I wanted to make sure it was clear on why we were going (seems to save on melt downs when we ALL know what the expectation is).  

We talked about having to walk in the building holding my hands because we are BIG girls, the music and dancing, the sitting and quietly listening and how they were such BIG girls to be able to participate in preschool story time.

Of course, we prayed together before we began this journey if not for their behavior then for my sense of peace that I wouldn't be chasing two crazy girls around the library or the parking lot.

Well, God and the girls came through BIG TIME!

They walked in holding my hands. They took of their jackets and made themselves right at home. The story time lasted 45 minutes and at the end of each book the librarian had a cd with finger plays that she had the kids get up and dance.   She kept watching the girls as they were dancing along and smiling away.

Both girls  far outdid my expectations (and I have pretty high expectations).

You would have thought Alayna had been to story time each week for a year as she was singing, dancing, participating, sitting and listening when appropriate the whole time.  We had never done any of the songs before but, the girls joined right in without missing a step.

Dariya did very well too.  She walked in and plopped herself down by the first 4 preschoolers she saw sitting at the front of the room and stayed there for about half of the time, participating and listening well.  Then about 25 minutes in she decided to wander around the room a bit then sit down closer to the back with a good library book and read quietly to herself.  I was super proud of how long she sat and stayed focused.

Super proud of my big girls.  Story time will be a regular addition to our schedule.

Story time success.
We waited paitently at the end of the line  mob of preschoolers to get our hand stamped.


Tara said...

Wow! They did great! I'm so excited for you!

Stephanie said...

Oh so sweet!!! Your girls are so good! I bet you never had any thing to worry about!!

i haven't attempted this with Em yet. I think she would do really well at the music part but sitting through a story is still challenging . Unless she is the one reading, but no one can understand her,lol

sending kisses to the Princesses!