Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby therapy class

It must be the educator in me, Alayna and I went to sit in on our first baby class today at the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center . See the link for more information.

Of course, at one month old she slept almost the whole time (she did wake up during music therapy for Twinkle, Twinkle (must be big brother's influence) and for the giant drum in which she laid on while we drummed on it. In physical therapy, she worked on the medicine ball to practice lifting her head and strengthen her shoulder muscles. Then we were on to occupational therapy where she laid on a cool incline mat that had music piped in and she could feel the vibrations of the music. She loved it.
She will also have speech therapies and water therapies every other week. Besides this group therapy class she will have her own physical therapy session for 30 minutes weekly.

It is an awesome program and we are hoping to get on scholarship as insurance only covers part of the cost. (If you are looking for a great place to donate to before the end of the tax year this would be one great place...)

We decided to give Alayna a little more time to be a new baby at home and we will start after the first of the year when she is 3 months old. The physical therapist gave us some things we can be working on at home until that time. But, she was pleased that Alayna already moves her head back and forth, brings her hands up to her chest and up to her mouth, and that she is able to lift her head.

Prayers for her continued success on gross motor skills, for our ability to parent she and Aidan and for Aidan's continued transition into sibling hood.

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