Monday, November 3, 2008

The weigh in & more tricks

Alayna is up to 5 pounds 9 oz as of this morning. The home health care nurse said she would probably be dismissed from their services because she is nursing and gaining weight so well. Alayna has learned more tricks (as lifting her head is old news)...she was so close to rolling over today on the nurse's scale. If there weren't high sides on the scale she would have gotten all the way over. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't have a witness. Wow she is a mover and a shaker already... watch out Aidan she will be chasing you before long...

All went well on my first day at home with the kids. Aidan was really good and we even managed to have enough time before school to make spider cookies with grandma (Thanks, Big Sarah) they turned out SO cute. He gave them to the neighbor kids, grandma and pop pop and his teacher. He was truly proud of his creations!
Alayna, of course missed all the action by sleeping most of the time (how can she resist when she had grandma here to hold and spoil her). Alayna is telling BIG stories already she is such a talker (wonder where she gets that?)

Thanks for the continued prayers! We definitely are feeling them.

1 comment:

ch said...

deer alayna,

i got yr ltr. it maed my mom laf. she maeks me ware dem fuzzee botum tites all the tiem now.

kin yoo teech me dat role ofr chrik? i wood lik to chry it.

i will see yoo on satrdy.