Saturday, November 8, 2008

DSG Breakfast ~ Connections to others

Today we went to the DSG new parents (& grandparents) breakfast. It was a great place to connect and meet other families from around KC that are experiencing the same things we are. They had so many positive and uplifting stories of the accomplishments their kids have made so far it was truly inspirational.

We were thrilled to see Courtney, Justin & LC. LC & Alayna had their pictures made together (so sweet)! It is so nice to have this family so close and walking the same path. (Thanks photographer extraordinaire...Courtney for the awesome picture of the girls)

Grandma & Pop Pop got to meet other grandparents and hear their stories of how life with a grandchild with ds has impacted them as well as learning more information about down syndrome.

Alayna slept right through the whole meeting then almost on cue as we dismissed she knew it had been 3 hours since she had eaten and she woke up starving. Grow, grow, grow... she has another weight check at the pediatricians on Monday morning.
Aidan was thrilled to hang out in the play room with all the other kids and siblings.

We will be investigating the infant development center and how soon we can get Alayna in for therapy.

Will add more pictures tomorrow as she will be ONE MONTH OLD!!! AHH Did I just say that? Where does the time go?

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