Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving, football, 7 weeks already

7 weeks old and already Alayna is the life of the party...

Alayna was the center of attention today at Uncle Ed and Aunt Jane's house (and may I add she loved every minute of it).

It was a little like a football game...First, cousin Kellie held her, then cousin Kara intercepted, then back to Kellie, oh wait here comes Aunt Jane in for the hand off, oh now Uncle Ed (but, wait he has greasy turkey fingers and fumbles her back to Kellie oh no here is great grandma in for the final that is a lot of baby holding yardage. Of course, Alayna snoozed right through it all and enjoyed all the doting on her.

We hope that you had your fill of turkey, dressing, cranberries, pie, family & friends.
We pray that you stop for just a moment to reflect on what you are thankful for.

Our list this year is SO huge we couldn't begin to list it in one blog (well I could but you would get tired of reading it quickly, I'm afraid). SO, here is what we are thankful for the short version...(cliff notes for you teacher types out there!)

Our Amazing God who has blessed us beyond measure. Our two beautiful, healthy, wonderful children, loving families that support us, outstanding friends who comfort and care for us, our awesome church family, and all those awesome prayer warriors who continue to lift our family.
Alayna is doing well and growing like a weed, just yesterday Aidan and I were amazed that she was doing mini push ups during tummy time.
We go to Children's Mercy Hospital on Dec 4th to the Down Syndrome Clinic for a checkup. They will follow Alayna every 6 months until she is 18. Thanks for the prayers, please keep them coming.
Will leave you with a few more pics...

Uncle Ed tries and tries to wake Alayna but to no avail. Doesn't he know babies have to sleep to grow (great grandma told him so)...

Aunt Jane "Queen of the baby spoilers"

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