Sunday, November 9, 2008


Happy one month birthday to Alayna (sing along if you like)...Where has the past month gone? Seems like yesterday we were getting that crazy call to jump in the car and run back to the hospital for a c section to deliver Alayna...Oh yeah, now I remember how we have spent the last month...running back and forth to the NICU for 17 days then happily enjoying the past 2 weeks at home where we are claiming normalcy (ok ok as normal as WE get!).

Wow how time flies when you have a newborn and are sleep deprived...Actually I am feeling great, much better than the fog of the first two weeks.
Alayna is doing so well, we know that God continues to watch over her and bless our family. She lifts her head and looks around, tracks objects with her eyes, follows sounds (especially voices) and has even been caught a few times with her itty, bitty little thumb in her mouth sucking away (I guess she learned that from her cousin, Grace)

We celebrated the day by going to church and then to small group this afternoon. Our small group friends showered us with a chili luncheon and wonderful welcome to the world cake for Alayna. Of course, I had the biggest piece of cake with the giant flower on top, that will plump Alayna up by morning (should make for some yummy milk eh?)...Thanks small group family, we love you.

We go to the pediatrician in the morning for another weigh in. The girl has a healthy appetite (who wouldn't with the way us Cannons eat? Truly it runs in the family, have you ever seen how much Jason can eat?)

She is officially out of preemie stuff...YAHOO! No more doll clothes and diapers (truly she can fill up a preemie diaper in no time~trust us!), she is a big girl wearing newborn stuff and proud of it. Hopefully she will be topping the scale at over 6 pounds sometime this week. She is determined to catch up to Aidan (he was 10 pounds at 1 month)!

We love that you stopped by to check in on our family. Thanks for the love, support, prayers and friendship. Please feel free to leave a comment and stop back soon...

Big brother loves his baby sister and she admires him already. He still sings Twinkle, Twinkle to her all the time.

Please say a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessing of Alayna. Also, LC turns 1 month tomorrow (HAPPY 1 MONTH) please also include her in your prayers for the blessings these two beautiful girls have added to our lives...


ch said...

It's okay that you didn't round out to show up like a little October'll be a plump little turkey gobbler by Thanksgiving...

WAY TO GO, AIDAN! Keep showing her how that munching is done. Sounds like "Twinkle, Twinkle" might work up an appetite. I'll sing it to LC the next time she's supposed to munch.

We're crazy about you, Cannons and are so thankful for the answers we're seeing to our prayers for your family!

--LC's Entourage

Jackie Wallace said...

Hello this is awesome to be able to follow Alaynas progress. She is growing so much and so adorable. Aidan you are a great big brother, we know you are a good helper. Rochelle we love reading the updates on what is going on and i look forward to it. Jason says he does all the writing but needless to say i know you are the one(smile). My heart is full of joy for you all and our special neice Alayna and of course Aidan.Thank you for the card you sent us we will treasure it. Hugs and kisses to Alayna and Aidan. Love you all.
Jackie, Wally & Family.