Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Smiles continue

Alayna is being super spoiled by her Aunt Elise this week as she is on vacation. Today Elise was kissing Alayna on her neck and Alayna was loving it and showed it by grinning and making all kinds of fun baby sounds (glad I had the video camera close by).

She is watching people more, especially faces and imitating them. She also is talking and babbling a lot more now. She also tried the rolling over trick on me again this morning. Gotta watch that girl every minute.

She loves her baths and today Aidan was so excited that he got to wash her before he went to school.

She will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Wow time is flying...

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Sara Bell said...

She is so sweet! How is everything? You sound very busy and also very happy! God has blessed you with a great family! Tell Jason Hello and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.