Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smiles for Big Brother

Who says babies don't smile until after 2 months of age??? As you can see see Alayna didn't read that baby book. She is smiling for all she is worth at Aidan.

He loves to have her lay on the couch and then he plays peek a boo with her, going back and forth. She moves her head and tracks to find him.

It is truly amazing to watch how much love they have for each other already. (Of course, she isn't trying to get to his matchbox cars yet...). We got out the music & lights bouncer seat this week (ok Aidan is having more fun playing with it than Alayna is yet) but, I am sure she will soon love it like he did when he was a baby.

Just to prove I am not always behind the camera...
Alayna continues to nurse well and is getting bigger by the day. She will definitely let you know when she is hungry...she lets out a little yell then once she is fed she is back to her happy, laid back self.
We are so blessed by both our children and we are glad you stopped by to check in on us.

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ch said...

Oh, starts so young. We have a fan of blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys at my house, too! And who could blame them. :0) With his charm and musical repertoire, Aidan could be making a killing in houses across the metro area.

We love, love reading about the fun an fearless Cannons and keep you as well-established favorites on our prayer lists...