Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disney World here we come!

We are all on a sugar high from Aidan's birthday cake & celebration so we haven't stopped much in the past two days for updates....
Here is Alayna hanging out in her ballpit...I should have taken video as she was talking NONSTOP the entire time she was in there.
Thursday: Aidan went on his kindergarten field trip to Kaleidoscope (which is owned by Hallmark) they donate all the left over items so the kids can recycle them into crafts stuff. We have been there many times but he had a wonderful time with his friends. Our neighbors kept him in the afternoon so he didn't have to go to Alayna's pt with us. Alayna was really tired from the birthday celebration and had moments of greatness at therapy but it wasn't her best performance. That afternoon Aidan's friend, Lily came over and they played outside all afternoon.

That evening both kids were asleep by 7:30 and Jason and I took the opportunity to set up all our stuff for our neighborhood's annual garage sale which was today. (I know you think we would have a date night but, we are trying to go to Disney with the kids in July so we thought we would skip a romantic evening on the patio for sweating to the oldies in the garage.)

Friday: Friday morning Uncle Scott brought all Aunt Elise's garage sale stuff over and the kids played. That afternoon Aidan went to school and Alayna and I visited great grandma. She was thrilled to see us as we didn't get to go last week due to my laryngitis. She LOVES Alayna and dotes on her every chance she gets. That evening the girls came over and played with Aidan while Elise and I finished setting up all the garage sale stuff. (WOW that is hard work!)

Saturday: I was up at 4:45 with my garage sale looming...I worked on my sales pitch over and over in my head while listening to the sweet little birds that keep singing at 5 am. Alayna woke at 5:30 so we were up and running. Thankfully the weather held off and it was a beautifully overcast cool day for a garage sale. We raked in over $500 YAHOO!

Our family and Elise and the girls are all going to Disney World in July and we can't be more excited about it.

Since the sprinkle cake is gone and my sugar level is dropping I think I will put my beautiful (yet dirty and stinky) kids in the bath and get them ready for bed.

Developmental moments this week... Alayna is now drinking from straw cups. We used straw cups with Aidan when he was little and have been told that we shouldn't use sippy cups with Alayna as it doesn't help her oral motor development because of the low muscle tone (possibly hindering speech development later). But, straw cups actually strengthen the mouth muscles and are a great workout for her. YAHOO!

Thanks for checking in on us.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to see Aidan and Alayna in their Mickey Mouse ears. Great garage sale!! Off to Disney you go. I had a garage sale today. . . Made a big $14. Hmmmmmmm! Off to work I go! ;0/ Hugs and kisses.
Nana Cam