Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watch out everybody she is on the move...

Today has been a fun day with Alayna. While enjoying some tummy time play on the floor this morning she decided she was going to start pivoting around in search of the toy SHE wanted to play with (an octopus that we call Sammy the squid) she pushes his nose and he vibrates and plays music, one of her favorites.

Then this evening I put her down on her play mat to play while I started dinner, Aidan was busy painting the sidewalk out back and Jason wasn't home yet. I no more than got into the kitchen and heard a loud sound coming from the living room (it sounded like toys being dropped). I ran in there horrified that something had fallen on her but I didn't hear any crying...

I looked on the play mat but she WASN'T there??? I looked around the room and she was 6 feet away nearly to the fireplace. She had rolled and rolled and rolled. The loud noise was her rolling right into and over her toys, some of which roll when pushed. The toys were scattered about and she had the look of total satisfaction on her face. She KNEW how she had gotten there even though I was puzzled for just a moment.

She loves the fact that she is mobile and can get to where she wants to go without me picking her up. She also loves the fact that she can roll over faster than I can diaper her on the changing table.

Between she and Aidan they keep me hopping.

Also today we had our appointment with our coordinator from Infant Toddler Services. Alayna will receive an additional hour of occupational therapy twice a month here at home beginning next week.

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