Friday, April 17, 2009

Update from the hematologist

Alayna is NOT pleased with the thought of another doctors appointment and especially the thought of MORE dreaded blood work.


Susie (the sweetest nurse) from the hematologist's office just called to say that the doctor has looked over Alayna's follow up lab work and from the results she does NOT want to see her for a follow up appointment. We are so thankful for all your prayers!
Alayna is delighted at the news that she won't have to have anymore blood drawn (at least not until her yearly check up at the down syndrome clinic next April!)

It is such a beautiful day and daddy is home to enjoy the sunny day!


ch said...

Good news AND a sweet smile...what a happy combination!

We're so thankful for your report and the grin it put on your sweet face. (I'll bet it put one on the rest of the Cannons' faces, too!)

Love to you and each one of your ornery little blood cells...

Unknown said...

Oh Alayna, I am so happy for answered prayers. You have the sweetest smile. I will celebrate your good news. Guess who I will celebrate with? Yup, your friend lc. She and her momma surprised nana cam yesterday. They even came and visited school. EVERYONE was so excited. Phillipsburg's celebrity baby has finally got to come visit! My feet still haven't touched the ground. So, I get to celebrate Alayna with her best buddy lc. Blessed, blessed, blessed indeed! Smooch!