Friday, April 10, 2009

Your prayers WORKED (we think)!!!!

Sorry folks no pictures today (they would be of Aidan with his fingers in his ears and baby sister screaming...) . Only while we were at the doctor's office. As soon as the needles were through Alayna nursed and slept she was so tired.

Alayna did well at the doctors office. Dr. Rozina is very impressed by how well she has grown and all the great tricks she is doing. She was up to 13 pounds 9 oz. today! She is still only 23 inches long (she probably will be as tall as Grandpa Perry!)

We had blood work done (another cbc) and the 6 month shots. Our sweet nurse, Lisa got us the best phlebotomist that works there to do the blood draw. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get a vein either (those darn things are TINY). Alayna didn't even cry when the needle went in but did cry after she had to dig around a bit to try to find the vein. They looked at the other arm but decided to do the heel stick. Alayna wasn't thrilled with the squeezing and squeezing again. She definitely let them know she wasn't pleased. But, it was a much better experience than last week. I think just because the lady was so sweet and compassionate which made ALL the difference.

Dr. Rozina just called to let us know that Alayna's platelet count is back up to now above normal (from 88,000 last week to over 500,000 today), normal is 150,000-450,000.

She will send the results onto the hematologist at CMH and we will hear from her Tuesday but, hopefully we won't have to keep our May appointment with the hematology clinic.

But, I suspect that since she was low last week and high this week they will be looking into this matter more closely.~ We Praise God and thank YOU for holding our sweet one up in prayer.

Please continue to lift Alayna up that this platelet count is NOT a sign of a more serious problem.

God is definitely good and as it is Good Friday (although I am sure Alayna would say it isn't such a good day) if you don't have a super place to worship Him we would love to invite you to
Kaw Prairie at 7 pm tonight for a cool service or 8:45 or 10:30 every Sunday morning.

Happy 6 months sweet LC Grace! We love you!


ch said...

HEY!!! Guess what, Alayna??

WOO HOO!! WOO HOO! It is the best number to be!

Of course, we still haven't been able to match your mom's lunch recipe with that yucky formula, and you've definitely got us beat in that department. Well done, Muncher!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Easter, Alayna! I will keep praying that those blood counts will stay right where they are supposed to. Silly cells! God bless you and your sweet family!
lc's nana cam