Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Down Syndrome Clinic update

Alayna started the day out at 5:30 this morning (she is usually not up until 7) but, today was her buddy, LC's gtube surgery. So, Alayna wanted to make sure we were up before 6 when LC went in for surgery so we could start praying. Thankfully all the prayers worked. LC came through surgery well...please pray for a speedy recovery for her. We just missed getting to visit her as we had just left CMH when Courtney sent us a text that they had arrived in a room. BUMMER!

We sent Aidan off a little after 7 to play at Josh & Liz's house (Super huge thanks)....Then we were off to the down syndrome clinic for our 7:45am check in time. Of course we got stuck in morning rush hour and didn't end up getting there until 8:05 (and that was with the crazy, English UPS driver behind the wheel).

Our visit lasted until mid morning. Alayna was seen by 6 different specialists in all. We just hung out in a room and they came to us. Pretty cool to not have to drag baby & gear from room to room.
Here are the stats from our visit:
Weight: 13 pounds 1 oz. ( 8 pounds, 3 oz since birth)
Length: 23 inches (6 1/2 inches since birth)
Hearing :Passed both ears with flying colors (not any fluid to be seen in there either)
The social worker, OT, and feeding specialists all thought Alayna was on target and doing really well. She will have a vision screening May 4th (no concerns just routine).

Finally, we had to have the dreaded blood work (standard for all). This would check her thyroid functioning, etc.

We walked into the lab and the girl at the counter did NOT have a happy look on her face. At that moment I began to pray "Please don't let this be the lady that sticks my baby".

Well you guessed it folks. (I would like to talk to the HR department about their screening process for their phlebotomists, do they let them stick them during the interview process to see how well they do BEFORE hiring them?) ok I digress...

We went into the drawing room and this delightfully, unhappy lady followed. UGH! She worked at getting a vein with no luck but, proceeded to poke Alayna and DIG around in her arm 4 times. AHHH! I was stamping my foot in pain for my sweet baby girl...

I was just about to scream STOP when God must have laid it on this lady to walk away from the crazy mother or else. So (without me opening my big mouth) she stopped on her own and went to get reinforcements. Thank you God...

The next lady we had couldn't find a vein either (must be something with April fools day)...But, instead of just poking my baby and hoping to find a vein she opted for the foot stick. Alayna didn't so much mind the stick but, HATED the squeezing afterwards to get 2 vials full. She screamed more than I have ever heard her scream. But, as soon as that lovely lady stopped squeezing her foot she was back to her cooing, happy self (Thankfully!)

Oh, I didn't tell you Jason was sitting down across the room while all the needles were flying. I offered for him to hold Alayna but, he politely said, "No dear you are doing a fine job"...chicken!
(And just think we have our 6 month check up and shots next week...maybe I will call in sick and send Jason...ok for Alayna's sake maybe not!)

As we were done earlier than expected we grabbed a bite for lunch (Mi Ranchito, yummy!) and headed to IDC for baby class. We are all SO tired now from a long day. (More good news...LC is joining us next week in baby class! and we couldn't be happier about it).

Must run to get Aidan off the bus!

Hope you have a great April 1st!

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