Monday, April 27, 2009

What could be better than Aidan & veggies

Alayna loves her cereal so much and is doing so well with solid foods that we moved on to veggies.

We started with carrots! She has her eye exam at Children's Mercy next week so we thought eating carrots can't hurt and might help her pass the eye chart exam, although I am not sure if she knows all the letters yet hmmm, something else to work on before then! (We are praying that she is blessed with Jason & Aidan's vision NOT mine!)

Aidan wanted to be first in line to feed her the first veggies. We steamed the carrots and blended them up finely and she LOVED them (this girl likes to eat)!

She does really well not to get too messy (except when she has a mouth full then smiles and talks to you...) very sweet but messy...I think he had as many carrots on him as she did.

She also now loves her reflection in a mirror. She sits and smiles, talks, and laughs at herself.

We think she is going through another growth spurt, she slept in until 8:45 this morning then had 2, 2 hour naps on top of that. Or maybe she is just worn out from the busy week last week too. We are all still recovering.
Aidan asked me to snuggle with him on the couch yesterday after church (which means, mom I am really tired but big boys don't take naps so I will camouflage the tiredness with sweetness and nobody will know I need a little down time). Hey whatever works. I take snuggle time any chance I get, especially as Aidan goes 90 to nothing ALL the time and usually doesn't stop for a rest until he hits the bed at night!

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