Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A visit from the U.P.

"How do you do Auntie Carol? Nice to meet you may I chew on your finger, I am working on some teeth here."

Today my Auntie Carol (Grandma's sister), Cousin Dawn and 2nd cousin Gia drove down from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a visit. Carol hadn't seen Aidan since he was a year old and Dawn and Gia had never met him.

He was up before 6am (not to mention the nightmare at midnight that woke him) to get prepared for the day...he cleaned his room, did laundry, vacuumed the hardwoods, set and decorated the table all before 8 am (without being asked). AHHH! Then he waited and waited and waited (and kept asking..when will they be here?)

I had just gotten Aidan convinced that he needed to take a much needed rest when our visitors arrived.
Aidan was as wired as a greyhound chasing that rabbit around the track.

Aidan woke Alayna up after only a 30 minute nap so I had one child bouncing off the wall because he was so tired while the other was just a sweet little lump of goo who couldn't muster the energy or excitement to truly enjoy the party.

Uncle Ed & Aunt Jane stopped by along with Aunt Elise, Uncle Scott, Grace & Rayne. The kids all played well together and were corralled in the basement thanks to Gia!

So the adults and Alayna got to spend a few hours chatting. Alayna was SO tired she gave Auntie Carol a few smiles then couldn't do anymore. I took her back to bed to try round 2 on the nap just as Aunt Jane arrived. Once Alayna heard more voices her eyes popped open and she was NOT going to take a nap. Thankfully even exhausted she is still a sweet baby, she finally got a second wind for a few minutes while we ate dinner and chatted, laughed and cooed for them.

It was great to see our family as we haven't gotten up north since 2004. Any of you other Yoopers out there that feel the urge to roadtrip down we would LOVE to see you. (Especially you Uncle Ray!)


ch said...

What a great visit...and certainly worth the trip! I could picture your sweet lump of goo immediately, of course. LOVE Mr. Socialization's enthusiasm...wonder where the "loves a party" gene comes from? Have such a great time!!!1

Jean said...

Darn it!! I hate when I miss a party!!! Have fun!!