Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: A day in the little city

City cathedral
As we have nothing to do and nowhere to be until Tuesday we thought we would do some shopping at the farmer's market across the street from our apartment.  We found some great deals and bought fruits, veggies and fresh eggs for less than $2.50.  We then went to the supermarket and bought a few items that we needed for lunch and dinner. 

We also learned the secret to figuring out which water to buy.  We know that if you get the brand name water Bon Aqua in the light blue cap it is water with no gas, the dark blue cap has gas, like seltzer water ick!  But, we have been walking around and wanting water and the sidewalk vendors don't always have bonaqua.  There was a nice lady in the grocery store (who speaks no english) that showed us where to look on the bottles to see if it has gas or no gas, so in tiny print a word beginning with "H" means no gas and "C" means gas.  We have only made the mistake twice but, would rather not make it again, I am not fond of seltzer water.  If I would have had my camera I would have videoed the charades that Jason and this lady were playing to figure out our water solution.

We decided we would take a walk and see how far the orphanage is from our apartment.  With great directions from our buddy Charrissa, who was here in December we found the orphanage with no problems.  We walked around for a while and saw many kids outside playing but not Dariya.  I stood at the gate and cried for my sweet girl.   I can't wait to see her.
This gate will only hold our girl a few weeks longer!

After lunch we decided to brave the city bus into the city center and see more of the town.  We ran across a large outdoor open market where you could buy anything!  Seriously it was like a giant Walmart.  They had everything from makeup and underwear to local produce and household items.  We even had free entertainment as one teenage girl decided to take her top off right in front of us to try on a shirt!  AHH.  Thankfully she wasn't trying on panties! 

We wandered around for a few hours, enjoyed watching the locals and then caught the bus back home.  As the prices are so cheap my husband was cheeky enough to say he would take me out on another date tomorrow.  LOL.  We have mastered a few words in Russian like thank you, goodbye and how much.

Bohdan Khmelnitsky monument

Yummy ice cream stands are all over the place!  LOVE!!! And for .30 a piece even better!

Outdoor market near the town center

On the home front the kids are doing well with my folks, Aidan got a camping weekend with my brother and sister in law (thank you).  I am sure I will hear all about it when we Skype with them later tonight.

Keep praying God hears and answers!


Cathy said...

Oh goodness gracious...I can't imagine the heartache of not being able to see Dariya. Soon, momma, soon!

Glad you got to see some local sites.

Continued prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember the ice cream!! delish!
you can also look at the label on the water bottle, if there is gas in the water the label has bubbles pictured on it and if it is regular water the label does not have bubbles on it :)
yes, I learned that the hard way that cap color is NOT always right!!

Renee said...

I love seeing U know where through your eyes...glad you are making a good time of it and I CAN'T WAIT for you to see your girl!!! Seriously, I need a Dariya FIX! Love you!