Friday, June 17, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Hugs, hugs and more hugs

It is Friday, right?  We are experiencing the "groundhog day" phenomenon for adoption.  If you have seen the movie you understand that each time he woke up it was the same day over and over again.  Well that pretty much sums up our lives...we get up eat breakfast, go to the market to get fresh fruit for the groupa, we visit with Dariya 10-12 then we go home have lunch and blog etc, we go back to the orphanage from 4-6 and visit, come home and eat dinner, check emails etc maybe watch some football with Russian commentary and then go to bed, and the next day repeat.

I thought you would never get here!
Each day for the first 10-15 minutes Dariya hugs us and doesn't want us to put her down even outside.  After that she wants down and is on the move.  It rained a little yesterday afternoon and we learned quickly that she LOVES to splash in puddles (if we understood Russian better we would know that her caregiver was politely telling us to keep her out of the water! oops)  But, she had fun! 

She was dressed in another dress we brought and thankfully this one was close to her size so she looked comfortable and adorable!

Peanut butter crackers, YUM!
She loves drinking out of her water bottle we bring her and having a snack each day with daddy.  Today she tried peanut butter crackers, first bite onto the ground, second bite yum!  She probably only gets drinks during mealtime so she is thrilled at having water whenever she wants.

The front gate, quick dad let's make our get away!

What you talkin' about I can't leave until after court?
We found out that our paperwork has been submitted to the SDA for a court date in region, and our interpol has been filed so prayerfully Monday we will learn when our court date is and who our judge will be.  Please pray for our clearances to come back quickly and an adoption friendly judge to be assigned.

Another great part of our visit this morning was meeting Lorie, off of RR and being able to interact with her several times.  She smiled when we walked up to her.  She held Jason and Dariya's hands and waved bye, bye when we had to walk away.  She was walking around the grounds with the aid of her walker.  If you know where her parents are please tell them to come get this sweet girl, she is already 6 so running out of time to stay at this baby house.  If you can skip something today and donate to her fund please click on her name and help us get this girl a forever family!


ch said...

God bless that kerchief on her head. A girl constantly seeking an escape route with a passion for peanut butter? Pudge and Dumpling will be fast friends, for sure. Oh, sweet Laynaloo! I fear your workload as the resident voice of reason may be about to double!! XOXO

one_plustwins said...


Cathy said...

What a precious sweetheart. I just can't get over how much she loves you two already. Instantly, she knew.

I'm going to share your post to get the word out on Lorie. Hugs from Lily and me!!

Erin said...

You make me cry every time I read your posts. So happy for you guys!

The Monier Family said...

She is just adorable beyond words! Enjoy:)

patsy said...

she is such a cutie...praying your 'groundhog days' pass very quickly and you can get your girl home!

Heather said...

Oh the hugs,what that must feel like,I can only imagine.

She is so absolutely stunning Rochelle and the one walking with daddy,there is just something about that one,visions of things to come.

Prayers for Monday and always,as the journey home continues.

Jill said...

Hope you hear soon about that court date! And you'll never guess....Tues, the 28th is "Constitution Day" (no one works) and they may be off on Monday too. Just wanted to give you a heads up...but some offices may work on Sat, the 25th instead to have Monday off. That's when a certain someone is having court, on Sat. :-) Weird, huh? But we'll take it!

BTW, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter! She's got love in her eyes! :-)

Brenda VanLengen said...

Thank you so much, Rochelle, for sharing all your adventures. It's so wonderful to get to know Dariya before we ever meet her in person. Love to all of you!

Brenda V