Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Tuesday

Her giggles when daddy chases her are priceless.

Bubble, bubble POP!

The tunnel of love!
Don't you love my creative post title?  Still soggy outside so Tamara let us play again in the sports room.  Dariya has figured out how to give kisses with the kissy sound added now. So cute.  Tamara said Dariya was anticipating us coming and was waiting for us. 

Even though Dariya's groupa caregivers are all very kind and nice to the kids they don't have the time to give each child the attention they need.  Dariya obviously has longed to be hugged and kissed because she spends the first 15 minutes of each visit hugging and kissing me.  If I try to put her down before she is ready she just asks to get right back up again and commences her mommy love fest.  Once she has given me enough love off she goes to play with daddy. 

Yesterday afternoon we were in the hallway playing and another groupa came by who we see outside daily (bummer no RR kids in that group) but, they stopped to play with Jason.
The more he high fived them and tickled them the more tears built up in my eyes.  It sunk in that while I am overjoyed that Dariya is ours and we will be bringing her home in a couple weeks 104 other kids are stranded here, no family, no bouncing on a trampoline or making smores in the backyard, no movie nights, no going to the pool, or long snuggles in mommy and daddy's bed reading books before bedtime. 

It is a very emotional experience for us both.  We are tired everyday not because of the grueling play schedule we have but rather because of the emotional draining of our hearts with these sweet faces that we will leave behind.

Yes, God moved our hearts to bring home Dariya and we wish everyone had that kind of experience and that every orphan worldwide had their own family but, we understand that not everyone is called to adopt.  However, God does call us all to take care of orphans.

James 1:27   Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

How do you take care of orphans?  (I know I am preaching to the choir because you have given of yourselves without holding back to bring us to Ukraine in search of our daugher and without your help we wouldn't be here!)

Pray and seek God's wisdom and discernment for where He is calling you to help!
  • Sponsor a waiting child on RR, or sign up to donate to the child of the month each month
  • Sponsor the angel tree project  - The biggest fundraiser of the year for RR
  • Check out the RR website for how you can become a prayer warrior for a child (it costs you nothing but, will save their life)  Do you know how many people prayed for Dariya to have a family before we heard God's whisper.  Prayer is HUGE!
  • Use your social networks like FB or twitter to get the word out there about RR and this awesome ministry and the waiting children. (costs you nothing, just a little time)
  • Sponsor a dress down for down syndrome day at work and donate the money to Reece's Rainbow. (again costs you nothing)
These are just a few ideas, there are many more.  Please leave us a comment and let us know what great ideas you have to help orphans.
There are 147 million sweet faces in the world with no family to call their own.   Won't you help one today?


Renee said...

I am reading this as Dash just came and crawled in the bed with me this morning..snuggled up under the warm covers...how many children will never know what that feels like...so heartbreaking and IT IS REAL and PAINFUL to think of but true...love your heart friend and I promise I will never stop advocating for these precious children...

Love wins,

one_plustwins said...

Great post!! Totally loving the mommy lovin'!!!

Stephanie said...

I just came from RR, making my morning rounds,LOL.
i'm sitting at the dining room table talking to myself and God and wishing all these kids were home. Then come here and see you are too. My thoughts are always on the parents like you when it's time to travel. Seeing the pics of these kids is hard enough but actually holding and playing with them , knowing you have to leave them behind must be near impossible. It must be so emotionally draining.

I pray your experience prompts another couple to follow suit.
love you guys!! Kisses to Dariya!

Unknown said...

brilliant post and those kisses in the love tunnel, how wonderful! i can understand your heartache out there. big hugs xxxxxxx

Katrina said...

I was reading a post by the McFarland family about the same thing. They are having such a hard time seeing all the other children that will be left behind.

I can only imagine what it must feel like as I sit and cry over the pictures of the children on RR that I have never met.

This weekend I am doing a Cans 4 Carlene collection since many people will be having 4th of July parties celebrating their Freedom. I thought it would be appropriate to ask people to donate those bottles and cans from their parties to be recycled and donate the money to Carlene so she can have Freedom also.

My mommy heart wants to do so much more but for right now that is all I can do. Collect cans and pray :)

Cathy said...

Beautiful post.

Heather said...

I stop and contemplate daily,what is it that I am being called to do?We donate to countless families throughout the year,we pray,we journey along families as they blog about their road towards their children,and still,I wonder,what am I being nudged to truly do?Did you know our angel tree little love this year, that hung on our tree and that still is my desk top photo,did you know she is still waiting for her forever family and her name is ...Daria.

Prayers to you all as you wait to bring your precious girl home.