Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Oh Mr. Sun!

Today when we arrived for our morning visit we were welcomed with hugs, kisses and a request for the Mr. Sun song.  It is by far her favorite.  This is the first time she has requested any of the songs we have been singing with her.  Here is a little video clip (ignore the strange lady singing along).

Dariya's groupa was playing in their sandbox today and she wanted to join them.  However, it cut our visit short by about 45 minutes because the caregiver took them in early to rinse all the sand off.  We stripped her down to her diaper then the caregiver poured water on her.  She LOVED it and was giggling the whole time. This one is going to be a fish...

Dariya asked for a drink of water from the caregiver (they serve them in china cups) and when she was finished she told her thank you and covered the cups and teapot up with the towel.

We still haven't heard about our interpol clearances yet today, praying that we hear good news this evening.  If we get the clearance and court goes tomorrow as planned this is a loose schedule of what the rest of our trip will look like. 
Unfortunatley, right after court we don't get to go grab our girl, there is a 10 day wait until the court decree becomes final.   A couple regions waive the 10 day wait but, ours has not for any of the other 3 RR families who have been here this year so we expect to wait.

Once the court decree is final our process will look like this:
June 24 - Court at noon, followed by a 10 day wait
July 5- Court decree is final, apply for Dariya's passport (could take 3-10 days), get her new birth certificate and close her bank account out here (donate to the orphanage)
July 11 - Praying that passport is back in 5 days or less 
July 12  - Gotcha Day - take her out of the orphanage forever, travel back to the capital city
July 13 & 14th  - Embassy appointments, Dariya's visa and medical
July 15th (our 10th anniversary) fly home - How about that for an anniversary gift? Although I would take the passport coming in much sooner and us being home before our anniversary too.  LOL 

Prayer requests:
  • Please pray for our interpol clearances to come in today (Thursday).  Not only would it be great not to worry about it but it will save us money in transportation costs getting our facilitator down to our city from the capital city.  If she has the clearance today she can take a bus but if she has to wait until tomorrow morning for the clearance she will have to use a car and driver costing us a lot more.
  • Pray for our words as we go in front of this judge.  Give us the words to speak that will overwhelmingly have this judge say yes without question to this adoption.
  • That all we are doing here is bringing Glory to our Heavenly Father.


Stephanie said...

what strange lady? All i see is a beautiful mama and her equally beautiful daughter.
who btw I could just eat up! Those little hands signing... OMGoodness I wish i could squeeze her.
Praying!!! For all your requests to be meet without delay1

Cammie Heflin said...

You wonderful mama you! Praying and praying for all that is needed!

Cathy said...

LOVE it!! Amazing how fast our kiddos pick up on all the signs. Praying for your specific requests!

Anonymous said...

Just BEAUTIFUL! Sending prayers upward to Him and love around the globe to you. Thank you SO MUCH for these wonderful little glimpses into your family. We are anxious to meet your newest little one. ~ Amy H.

Katie said...

Your daughter has the cutest head accessories! Her bandanna the other day and this little hat are adorable, as is your little girl. Glad to hear things are going well.

Becca said...

I'm with Stephanie - I see only an amazing and beautiful mama. That video a perfect way to start my day off with a very happy smile!!! Love it. Hope everything continues smoothly!!!

kecia said...

she is sucha a little doll! and so smart! I love that she new all the signs and actions with you! hoping you get your clearance for court tomorrow!

Lindy said...

Oh my goodness that is amazing!!! How beautiful that she can communicate with you already! She is a doll:)

Melissa said...

I finally had a chance to get caught up! I'm glad everything has been going so well and am praying your requests.

Elisabeth said...

I am amazed at how quickly Dariya is picking up signs! The video put such a smile on my face!

Nan and Dan said...

so so beautiful!!! love it!
praying for tomorrow!!!!!!

Callie said...

I thought I posted before but I don't see it. I just had to say that the video is the most beautiful thing I have seen. I cried and cried, your daughter is so full of promise and potential. It breaks my heart to know there are more there that possess the same gifts. You & your family have done such a lovely thing and I know you already know Dariya is going to bless and amaze all who come to know her.

Heather said...

For some reason,this video just made me cry.I could almost picture the two of you home in your backyard,singing and signing away!

Prayers in great abundance to you and your beautiful,beautiful family Rochelle.

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Sending you hugs and hoping that all goes great and that you are home before you know it. So precious and cute.

orphans4me said...

Oh I do hope your Interpol clearances come so you can have court as scheduled. Please God! Your daughter is beautiful.