Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Where is that Mr. Sun

It began raining here yesterday afternoon while we were visiting Dariya.  Thankfully, it slowed up enough for us to walk home without getting drentched.  However, we nearly had to swim out of the orphanage.  The front gate was completely flooded.  The sidewalk right outside Dariya's groupa collapsed with all the rain, it looked like a giant sink hole.

This is just one small puddle we had to cross

Dariya was thrilled with daddy's antic of pushing her through the puddles and running around to join her.
It didn't rain this morning but, we know our girl so well that if we let her down to walk outside she would be dreadfully covered in mud and water when we returned her.  So we opted to take a stroller today and wandered around and around and around the grounds for and hour and a half then we couldn't take the circle anymore. 

Dariya is requesting her fingerplay songs (Mr. Sun and All the fish are her favs) so we walked and sang and walked and sang.

Jason said he felt like a Nascar driver who couldn't get off the course.  We have taken to entertaining ourselves by watching cars pass by the orphanage gates, or seeing how many people we can get to smile and say hello to us.  I told you it is groundhog day.

Daddy starting early to train her to be crazy about chips like him
Daddy stepped outside the gate and walked 50 yards to the water, juice, snack stand and boy did we hear BIG cries and real tears come from Dariya, her face even turned red.  She thought daddy was really leaving her.  (*Daddy was pretty chuffed about the tears, she does love him!)  She was very happy to see the juice that daddy had bought her and to try chips!

We went inside and played in the hallway for our last 30 minutes.  When we took her back, Tamara (the caregiver that speaks some English and has been there 33 years, also has been with Dariya since she came to the orphanage at 2 months) asked us what we named her at court yesterday.  We told her Dariya Joelle and she was pleased.  She told one of the other workers too. 

Then she let us know that we had a 10 day wait and about a 5 day paperwork process before we can take her out of there (haha, she knows the process better than us!)  She had a sad look on her face when she said "so about 2 weeks".  Jason asked her if she will miss Dariya and she frowned and said "yes".  Jason asked if she had a computer so we could email her pictures and she was overjoyed!  So thankful for this sweet lady that obviously loves our girl so much.
MMM, she is hooked.


Becca said...

Ah, I *knew* you'd have a new post up when I saw you online commenting on my blog this morning!! I love reading the Dariya updates. They always bring happy tears to my eyes. Groundhog Day! haha, I can't even imagine. Yikes. But Dariya sounds like she's loving every minute with you. :-)

Ilisa Ailts said...

I love the groundhogs day references! That show was hilarious.

This is all so wonderful and I am happy for your family.

Cathy said...

Pretty girl loves her momma AND her daddy. MELT.MY.HEART.

Cammie Heflin said...

Precious girl!

Stephanie said...

OK i was tearless for the first time until I got to the part about Tamara. For the ones like her who really love these little ones it must be so difficult to let them go. bless her for loving Dariya. I'm glad you will be able to sent her pics.

The Annessa Family said...

Love's her chips, and loves her daddy! Sounds like the perfect little girl to me!

Brooke Annessa