Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Rainy Day play

Rain, rain and more rain for our area of the country.  Too bad I didn't bring my travel umbrella that I always take to England with us.  Thankfully, Tamara had pity on us today (I am sure it was because I looked like a drowned rat when we arrived).  We were able to play in their "sports room". 

We had loads of fun and enjoyed our 2 hours tremendously (much better than the walk home in the downpour!)  I look as though I just stepped out of the shower! LOL  Oh well our girl is worth it!

Dariya played hard and was so tired she was laying on the floor ready for a nap when it was time for us to go.  We get to play in this same room this afternoon too!  YAHOO!  Much better than the hallway!

Sports room - each groupa has a 30 minute block of time in here daily

Tickle time in the ballpit...nothing better!

Outta my way daddy!

Played so hard she needed an apple snack.

She has striking blue eyes just like Aidan & Alayna (even has the pretty brushfield spots too)
Happy Sunday!


Donnie and Karrie Cannell said...

This is so fun isn't it!? I just love this journey God has us all on. She is darling and I am loving this rain we are having on this side of the world :)

Cammie Heflin said...

She is so beautiful! Cannot wait to meet her!!! I'm going to be in KC on the 6th meeting up with the Garcias. Do you think you'll be home by then? You may not be ready for a visit though! So happy for you guys, what a blessing to your wonderful family!

Jackie Wallace (aunty) said...

What wonderful pics. Dariya is just beautiful.Cant wait to meet her. She is surrounded by so much love.

Renee said...

Sorry for the rain but hooray for the sports room! Your girl is just too beautiful and her personality shines through every, EVERY are very blessed. Love you, Renee

Katrina said...

So beautiful. Thanks again for sharing. I love seeing these sweet children light up their new parent's faces.

Molly said...

Those eyes! Wow!

luannejohnson said...

What a beautiful little girl! Can't wait till you get her here! She is so precious! You can tell she LOVES her Mommy and Daddy! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Lu Anne

Melissa said...

She does have beautiful eyes, and I love brushfield spots!