Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: We made it to the capital

We made it safely to U know where a little after 5pm local time Wendesday night.  Yes, do the math we were traveling about 24 hours.  We had great flights and got a little sleep on the big plane.   Niko met us at the airport and helped us exchange money, get to our apartment and do a little grocery shopping.

We don't have our in country cell phone yet, we will get it Thursday after another family that is finishing their process leaves here today. We couldn't get the internet to work Wednesday night and gave up trying after 2 hours.  So we missed meeting up with a couple other RR families =(.

When all that was finished it was about 8pm here so we ironed our duds for court and went to bed.  I slept until midnight then got up and tried to get the internet up and running.   I was worried that my mom and Aidan would be worried about us since we hadn't checked in since we left Dulles.  We got to talk to my mom by Skype.  Alayna had gone to bed and Aidan & Pop Pop were at the baseball game so we will check in on them again tomorrow as long as the internet continues to work!

Thursday at 11am we have our SDA appointment to officially accept the referral for Dariya.  (3 am KC local time)

We are thankful for air conditioning in our apartment as it is in the 80's here. Very hot for this area.

Thank you for all the messages, prayers and support.  It was awesome to log on after a day offline and see 48 emails from everyone!  Those messages will keep us uplifted.

We are tired but, thrilled to get Dariya's referral today!


The Annessa Family said...

Whew! What a whirlwind!

Happy you made it there safe!

Brooke Annessa

NB said...

oh my goodness, what an amazing start to this leg of the journey. super thankful you have arrived safely! love love love...

Kelly said...

I've been away too're already there!!! Geesh!!! This is so exciting......I can't wait to follow your sweet little girls journey home!! I hope that all goes well and you are all HOME soon!!! Much love and many prayers heading your way!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Wow!
nana cam

Stephanie said...

Closer and closer!! Take care and thanks for updating!
Love and hugs!!!

Cammie Heflin said...

Been having some many random thoughts of you!!!!

Renee said...

YES!!! So glad you made it safely and are ready to tackle the U know where court system.. have a wonderful day...sorry for the no phone, internet thingy...I know that is stressful... God has you, friend, He is holding you and Jason right now!