Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reading & conference update

Aidan has been reading to Alayna nearly everyday. She truly loves it and decided that while he was gone to school one afternoon she would just see what this reading thing was all about.

The Down Syndrome Conference was really good. Thankfully the blizzard they forecasted did not happen here and we were able to attend. We were able to meet many new people, reconnect with others we haven't seen in a few months and listen to many great speakers.

Alayna was super good all day. Played on her floor mat quietly, did her rolling and talking tricks for all those who came by to admire her and then she took a couple good naps. Aidan had a great time at Aunt Elise's house the whole day...he was SO tired when we got home that he would hardly eat dinner (if you know us at all we don't miss a meal in this house so he was pretty tired!)

They had several great keynote speakers. One, is a writer and has an adult daughter with down syndrome. Another speaker has 2 children with special needs and he works for a school district in Phoenix. He talked about inclusive practices, that inclusion isn't a place it is a mindset (Amen, brother).

Finally, the other keynote speaker was a self advocate. She is 25 years old, on the Down Syndome Congress board and is truly inspiring. She has a love for sign language and is now teaching sign language. She ended her portion by singing a song about dreams and signing at the same time. The director of DSG said, "sorry we didn't think to put tissues on the table" as there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

On Wednesday we will go to the Down Syndrome Clinic at Children's Mercy for Alayna's check up. I can't wait to find out how big she actually is...The other day I measured her 16 1/2 inches (her birth length) and it was from the top of her head to her hips. WOW she has gotten so long. Not to mention how much she weighs is a great workout just holding her now!

Here is a picture of her rolling over (I haven't been fast enough to get it on video yet)!

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