Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's all part of this job they call parenting

Jason made it to the UK well and is having a fabulous time with Liam. They went to a professional football (soccer) game for Liam's 13th birthday then today of all luck Jason got them tickets to see Manchester City (Jason's professional football team that he adores) play. Needless to say he was super happy about that. I tease him and say Man City is his first love (he does have it tattooed on his leg)!

We are doing well on the home front. Although I have said many prayers for all the single parents out there as it is a hard job & I am thankful my other half will be back soon. Aidan has been doing really well helping out and has been a great boy while daddy has been gone (except for purposely waking baby sister this morning). Aidan & I had to get our teeth cleaned today and Alayna snoozed all of 1o minutes in the car. Then she was too interested in all the noises and tools, not to mention the staff ohhing and ahhing over her, how can you sleep with all that going on? She finally fell asleep on the way home but, sure enough as soon as we got home big brother had a short memory lapse (or temporary insanity I think he is claiming) and started making a bunch of noise and woke her up. (As you can imagine I wasn't June Cleaver at that moment... I won't be attaching pictures OR video of our conversation).

Poor girl, we then got Aidan off to school ( & got my blood pressure under control) and she had just enough time to fall asleep in the car on the way to PT when of course I had to wake her up... With only a total of 25 minutes of sleep the whole morning I was sure she would be grumpy and not do a thing for Erin but, my sweet daughter again proved what a pleasant disposition she has (thankfully both kids are laid back just like daddy). As soon as I woke her up and gave her to Erin, Alayna looked right at her and smiled.

She had a good session (& yesterday too) she showed Erin all her big girl moves that she has been working on. She has mastered lifting and reaching for toys, propping up on her hands, is creeping forward when on her stomach and back, and is now working on supported sitting. Her head is really close to being steady (when she isn't super tired). It is amazing to see how far she has come in the past 2 months since we started attending IDC. Erin is great in pointing out all the steps it takes to master each skill, which makes us even more excited for Alayna that she continues to progress so well. I know daddy is going to be super surprised with her new tricks she has learned since he left.

Both kids are off school until March 23rd for spring break. We are hoping the weather warms up enough to go to some parks in the area, we all need some outdoor time and sunshine.

Thanks for checking in on us, we hope all is well in your part of the world.


Anonymous said...

Im so glad to hear Aidan and Alayna are doing well(relatively well considering im not home anyway)Alayna will be pulling tricks out of the bag i see when i get home.Rochelle you are a tower of strength and a true inspiration to me,I love you dearly.
Will see you all on Monday,
Love Jason (daddy)

Anonymous said...

Whoopee Grandma finally figured out how to make a comment. Welcome to the real world hey? Love the action on Alayna's blog particularly as we can keep up with her while we are so far away.She is sure growing fast & doing so much. Thanks for sharing her with all of us.
Love you all Gramma & PopPop

ch said...

Alayna Loo! What a superstar you are! I'm sure your creep will turn into a crawl in no time...Aidan had better watch out! I have a feeling his days of privacy are numbered. We can't wait to join you at IDC...we'd better hurry up and get there, though! You may have graduated before we make it! Cheering for you and all your successes and BIG congratulations to your amazing personal trainers. :0)