Monday, March 30, 2009

Life is just not fair!

Warning: This blog entry is for all dads everywhere and will leave moms shaking their heads in disbelief.

Alayna and I got Aidan off to school on his bus today then we decided to take a trip to the post office. It is a little too windy and cold to walk (as the post office is only a block away) so we had to drive this time.

As I am driving around the corner I hear her sweet baby conversation in the back've seen the video you know how much she gabs (I have yet to figure out where she gets it though).

But, from nowhere, all of a sudden, (now remember I am the stay at home parent who spends 99.9% of my time with my sweet Alayna) I hear those 3 syllables that every DAD everywhere longs to hear.

Yes, you heard me right...da, da, da...UGH.

How much work I have invested in ma, ma, ma. I nearly drove the SUV into the tree at the end of the subdivision (ok I made that part up but, it made you laugh didn't it?).

Of course, I had to call Jason and let him know. I had to hold my cell phone away from my ear as he squealed in delight! He then confessed that he has been secretly working with her on Dada. I should have known, life is just not fair...

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ch said...

Look at that new pic at the top!!! She is a stunner!

Oh...................JASON. I'm so hoping LC's lack of sucking instincts are going to give me a chance at edging Justin don't even KNOW. He got the first smile and I've already told him if he gets the first giggle I'm knocking him DOWN.

Go to the FLORIST, Jason...the FLORIST...