Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today we had a really great day. Aunt Elise, Grace & Rayne came over. The kids played outside as it was a really nice day and Aunt Elise got in some great baby spoiling time with Alayna. Alayna, of course, loved every minute of it. Both kids were so worn out that they were in bed by 7 pm.

Aidan is counting down the days until daddy gets home. The three of us have had a good time while Jason has been gone. We appreciate your prayers while he has been overseas.

It looks like the weather will be great this week for spring break so I am sure we will have some park pictures for you later in the week.


ch said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I can't stop giggling at your latest video, Alayna Faith! Could you help LC out with her conversation skills? She's just a bit fixated on razzberries right now and, frankly, completely unacceptable from a social viewpoint.
I'm not sure if I'm more entertained by Alayna's DRAMATIC facial expressions or Aidan's commentary...better watch it for a 24th time to sort it all out. Love you guys!!!

Ann said...

Hi Rochelle, Aidan and Alayna. I hope you enjoy another day of beautiful weather! Maybe the park is in your plans. :) Welcome home to Jason. I'm sure it will be a happy homecoming for everyone.