Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goodbyes & A Time Change...

This morning we went to our second DSG new parent breakfast and connected with some very nice people who also have a child with down syndrome or one on the way. This organization supports 1,000 families within a 6 hour radius of KC that have a child with down syndrome (or with a prenatal diagnosis). It has been a great way to start connecting to other families in the community. (We did miss our favorite family ~the Heigeles~ though)

After that we went out to lunch then came home and played in the backyard before having to take Jason to the airport for his 5 pm flight. Alayna slept the whole trip, through the goodbyes and woke as we drove into the garage. Aidan faired pretty well also, he kept repeating the mantra, "I don't want daddy to leave" all the way home but he didn't cry or get too upset.

Daddy getting in last minute hugs, kisses and giggles...

Aidan & Alayna have made the time change on their own this week. They both normally get up at 7 am. However, this week they both have decided that the sun is up early so we should be too! Most mornings it was 6 am but, some mornings one of them was up around 5:30. (Needless to say when I was an AP I used to BE at work at 7 am but since I retired I rather enjoy NOT having to get up until then...)

In light of our children easing us into the time change (aren't they thoughtful?) Jason & I switched all the clocks ahead BEFORE going to the airport. So needless to say when we returned home at 6pm Aidan thought it was 7pm so he willfully went up to start the bedtime routine. The 3 of us read Bible stories then Aidan and Alayna had a little snuggle time.

As both kids are asleep by 8:30 I think I will kick back and put my feet up a little before the sun comes up and I hear the pitter patter of big and little feet running around the house.

As of now Jason had made it safely to DC and leaves at 10pm eastern time for the hop over the pond.
Please keep us in your prayers this week, for safe travels for Jason, that he and Liam would have a terrific time together, and that Aidan, Alayna & I have a great week together.

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Anonymous said...

All of you are and will continue to be in my prayers. I will even say a "little prayer" for "late sleepers" in the a.m.
Sweet dreams you very precious family.