Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Homecoming

Jason called around 3:30 to say that he had made it to Chicago well. He checked to see if he could get an earlier flight to KC but, he had just missed the flight by minutes...bummer (lots of people were traveling for spring break so customs was backed up). However, he did make it home 30 minutes earlier than expected (good tail wind off of Lake Michigan I'd say).

Aidan & Alayna had their baths and got in their jammies for the trip to the airport. Aidan was so excited to pick daddy up, he talked non-stop (nothing unusual there, I still have yet to figure out where my children get their gift of gab). Alayna was so excited she went to sleep within minutes. However, when we got to the gate to pick up Jason she woke up, stared at him and continued to do so the whole trip home (Aidan wanted daddy to sit in the back).

Needless to say both kids were awake and full steam ahead until about 9:15. Alayna woke up twice in the night (ahh not back to the newborn stage...she is definitely growing this week though , Jason said she had gotten longer since he has been gone).

The weather here in KC is great for spring break. We spent all afternoon yesterday out at a park with our good friends (I took the camera and didn't get one picture of the kids)...forgot the sunscreen (Aidan is a little pink, bad mommy...Alayna was covered in the stroller thankfully)!

Elise took the day off today as it is even nicer than yesterday so I am sure Alayna is in for a little (or a lot) more auntie spoiling... will not forget the sunscreen today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

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