Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rolling, rolling, rolling keep those babies rolling...

Alayna really enjoyed her spring break. She loved not having baby class or having to go to therapy. She had so much fun hanging out at the parks and swinging on the swings in the backyard with Aidan. It was truly a great, family week. But, as all school breaks must come to an end this one did to.

Monday afternoon Aidan was back to school (boy was he tired when he arrived home). I thought we kept busy riding bikes at the park but I guess it isn't a work out like kindergarten.

Today we went back to Bible Study Fellowship and when we got home Alayna & Uncle Scott were hanging out on the floor having a little quality tummy time. Scott was convinced that she was just about to roll over from her tummy to back (I had to break the news to him that she has been doing that since she was 3 months old). I think he was heart broken as he thought he had taught her a new trick.

But, lo and behold not 15 minutes after he left the little stinker decided that she would do a new trick today and rolled from back to front. (which if you have been a follower since day one you know that Miss Alayna nearly rolled off the home health care nurses scale just 5 short months ago).

We went to baby class and even though Alayna only had a 45 minute nap this morning she wasn't going to go to sleep she had to show all her friends that she can roll over both she did several times.

We are going to the DSG's annual conference on Saturday. They have some great speakers and breakout sessions in which we are hoping to learn lots from. A super big thanks to Aunt Elise for keeping Aidan all day so that we can go...

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ch said...

Alayna, you are too clever! We tell LC she is a wooly caterpillar. You must be a roly poly bug! We love, love your blog and still watch your videos nearly every day. You just CRACK US UP!!! We're so proud of you and all the wonderful ways you're wowing all of us!!!