Friday, March 20, 2009

Kisses, breakfast in bed and more...

Alayna finally warmed up to daddy after giving him the cold shoulder for a day or so then she just couldn't get enough kisses from him and kept coming back for more. (She was actually leaning back to his lips , as you can imagine daddy was pretty happy!)

The week has been truly wonderful...Aidan made me breakfast in bed for my 40th birthday (cereal hold the milk...) and came in singing Happy Birthday. It was really sweet. He kept saying is this the best birthday ever mom? Yes it was We met daddy for lunch which Aidan loves to see daddy's big delivery truck. Then they spoiled me with custard after dinner that night. Super good way to spend my day.

We have gotten outside each day to play, ride bikes and enjoy the spring break week. It has been especially nice that non of us had any school, therapy or big plans (unfortunately Jason has had to work...someone has to pay the bills in this family). Just a laid back family fun week. Looking so forward to summer as this week has been so much fun.

Here are a few pictures of the cousins together enjoying their spring break... (Aidan, Rayne, Grace & Alayna)

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